Price List

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At our clinic, you can pay by credit card or in cash. Payment through benefit programs is only possible by invoice.

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We have concluded contracts with all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic:


The price list below contains the prices of the most common procedures, the complete price list can be viewed at the clinic reception.

Examination and consultation

Preventive examination paid by insurance company
Dentist consultation  from 1 500 Kč
Intraoral X-ray paid by insurance company
Panoramic X-ray paid by insurance company
3D X-ray 1 000 Kč

Fillers, dental crowns, dental bridge, others

Amalgam filling paid by insurance company
Photocomposite filling – the price depend on the size 1 500 - 4 500 Kč
Temporary dental crown from 2 500 Kč
Composite dental crown from 4 500 Kč
Ceramic dental crown from 9 500 Kč
Ceramic facet from 9 000 Kč
Ceramic inlay/onlay/overlay from 4 500 Kč
Composite inlay/onlay/overaly from 7 000 Kč
Ceramic dental bridge from 9 500 Kč / member

Dental implants

The price of dental implant treatment depends on many factors and it is necessary to add other services and work, such as making crowns, bridges, etc. The estimated price will be provided during the consultation with the dentist.

Implant placement from 16 000 Kč
Abuttment + dental crown from 11 000 Kč


Pre-endodontic treatment 1 700 - 2 500 Kč
Endodontic treatment of one dental canal from 3 000 Kč
Light guide root pin + photocomposite extension from 2 000 Kč

Dental hygiene

Initial dental hygiene 1 700 Kč
Repeated dental hygiene 750 - 1 300 Kč
Dental hygiene - children 750 Kč
Dental hygiene + Airflow 1 600 Kč
Subgingival treatment according to the number of treated teeth

Children's dentistry

Treatment of a child in analgesia 900 Kč

Teeth whitening

Combined teeth whitening 9 500 Kč
Home teeth whitening 6 000 Kč